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I put all my classes in "fuel/app/classes/" folder, for a simple call to MyClass::MyMethod()

Start to store classes in "fuel/app/classes/lib/" with the given "namespace lib".

Calling the lib\MyClass::MyMethod() or prescribing "use lib" much more comfortable than proposed Folder_MyClass::MyMethod() see http://docs.fuelphp.com/general/classes.html

Is there any way to load a specific namespace is in "bootstrap.php", that would not have to write any "use lib" at the beginning of the file (controller, model), or not add everytime to call like "lib\"?

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You could probably add lib as a Core Namespace. In bootstrap.php: Autoloader::add_core_namespace('lib');


You should then just be able to use \MyClass::MyMethod(); without having to prefix it with the namespace or without having to Use lib;

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FuelPHP uses a cascading filesystem for classes that doesn't favor class name segments over namespaces. The only requirement is that you classes are somewhere in the classes folder.

For example, say you have a file called app/classes/some/sub/system/name/myclass.php.

You can define this class as:

class Some_Sub_System_Name_Myclass {}

But also as

namespace Some\Sub\System\Name;
class Myclass {}

Or anything in between. The common rule is : glue your namespace and class name together, convert it to lower case, replace all underscores and backslashes by DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, and stick a ".php" extension on it, and you have your filename.

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