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Just a little thing I've always wondered:

Is it possible to submit a form on any webpage, rather than clicking the forms submit button, I want to do it from the chrome console (ctrl+shift+j in chrome)?

I've tried a couple ways but I either get an error like

Cannot use function submit on undefined


HTML tag has not function submit.

Any help?

PS - If you go here and try and submit the form on your right through the console click here

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What have you entered in the console? On which page did you do that? –  Bergi Sep 29 '12 at 13:23

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form = document.getElementById("frm1")

works on your example when viewing the standalone iframe.

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For your example when working with an iframe:

 // from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1452871/how-can-i-access-iframe-elements-with-javascript
 function iframeRef( frameRef ) {
     return frameRef.contentWindow ? frameRef.contentWindow.document : frameRef.contentDocument

 var inside = iframeRef( document.getElementsByTagName('iframe')[0] );

 // from @DeanGrobier
 form = inside.getElementById("frm1")

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It is inside an iframe in your example. In your case, you must enter this in the console for it to work:

var q = window.document.getElementsByTagName('iframe')[1];
var r = q.contentWindow.document.getElementById("frm1");

or, in just one line:

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