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PHP redirect based on IP AND referrer

is it possible to redirect a user if they access the site from another location, what i want to do is when the user access the site from google, he will be redirected to the main site, but if he accessed the website from the link that came from the "main site" , a pop up window will appear that contains the restricted site, but since the user came from the "main site" he will be granted access.

any php or javascript will do, as long as it will check if the user came from the main site.

or if possible check from what "IP" the user came from to grant access?

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For what should it be good for that when accessing the site via google that I need to go over the main site to my search target? Also google will likely find out about the practice and not index the pages any longer. You probably should block them in the first place or get into negotiation with google to selectively index your site and provide short summaries for the search index (like news-site do it). –  hakre Sep 29 '12 at 12:51
You can actually put a robots.txt file and have google only index a certain part of your website without any big hassle, google is your friend. –  Henrik Mühe Sep 29 '12 at 12:52
tried robot.txt my host is 000webhost did not work :( –  telexper Sep 29 '12 at 12:58
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Redirecting the user can be accomplished using the header() method and setting a "Location: " header for the new target. The conditional can be expressed by evaluating the Referer Header send by the client, this should be available in one of the PHP system variables, see http://php.net/manual/en/reserved.variables.server.php

Something along the lines of:

if (preg_match("/your-domain/",$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) {
  header('Location: /hidden_page.html');
} else {
  header('Location: /');

should do the trick.

To redirect the google bot and that actions' implications see Does Google bot crawl entire site if there is a redirect and http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1210

For figuring out what's inside the variables and how to use regular expressions in PHP, use this example code

    echo $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']."\n";
    echo $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']."\n";

if (preg_match("/",$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])) {
        echo "Yes";
    } else {
        echo "No";

in your script or something like phpfiddle.org

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English maybe? php.net/manual/de/reserved.variables.server.php –  telexper Sep 29 '12 at 12:48
@telexper Thanks, I was auto redirected - it's fixed now. –  Henrik Mühe Sep 29 '12 at 12:50
IP checking can be done using $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']. –  Henrik Mühe Sep 29 '12 at 12:53
is this possible? (preg_match("domain.com/*",$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] |"subdomain.domain.com/*",$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) –  telexper Sep 29 '12 at 12:54
(preg_match("",$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) like this? –  telexper Sep 29 '12 at 12:55
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check $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] variable in a conditional to see what the user's referrer actually is and then use header() method to actually redirect to another URL.

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