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I am trying to Automate a web application using Watin.

I have HTMLDialog Popup, When i click on an Icon in the HTMLDialog Popup the iframe refresh and the HTML Content would Look some thing like this.

<Form> </form>
<iframe Name = "A">
   <Form Name="frmMain">
    <Table Name ="tblMain">
          <iframe Name = "B">
                <frame Name="innerForm">
                   <Div> My Object </Div>
                 </Table> ...

I am not able to identify elements inside the iFrame 'B', the InnerHtml for the iframe'B' is always null.

Code Used to get the Inner HTML:

Browser.Frame(Find.ByName("A")).Form(Find.ByName("frmMain")).Table(Find.ById("tblMain")).TableBodies[0].TableRows[0].ElementWithTag("iframe", Find.ById("B")).InnerHtml;

I could see the iFrame 'B' contain the item i want to select using IE 'Developer Tool'.

Am i missing something, since i want to select a item inside the iFrame 'B'.

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If I remember well frames are found in the Browser element, and you should access an iframe as a normal frame. I can't access my source to verify, but I suggest you to try


to access your required frame.

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Thanks Gabber, tried Browser.Frame(Find.ByName("A")).Frame(Find.ById("B")) and this worked..! –  Rasmi Sep 30 '12 at 20:42
Thank you for the feedback! I edited the question to match the correct solution for the future –  Gabber Sep 30 '12 at 20:45

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