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I am trying to add a search bar to a nested list. Searchbar is added and works fine when i try it using console.log It finds me the record i am looking for but I can't figure out how to "refresh" the nestedlist in order to show only the search results. If i use "mystore.load()" it takes me back to root node.

Ext.define('Sencha.controller.FileList', {
       extend: 'Ext.app.Controller',
       requires: [
config: {
       refs: {
            homeBtn: 'button[iconCls=home]',
            searchField: 'searchbar'

       control: {
            'button[iconCls=home]': {
                tap: 'onbtnHomeTap'
            'searchField' : {
                    action : 'onKeyUp'

       onbtnHomeTap: function () {
       console.log('bthome tapped');
        //reloads the list! 
       onKeyUp: function(field) {
              console.log('inside searchbar_event');
               /* this.doFilter({
                     q: field.getValue()

             Ext.getStore('NestedListStore').findRecord('text', field.getValue());


        * @private
        * Listener for the 'filter' event fired by the listView set up in the 'list' action. This simply
        * gets the form values that the user wants to filter on and tells the Store to filter using them.
       doFilter: function(values) {
       var store = Ext.getStore('NestedListStore'),
       filters = [];

       Ext.iterate(values, function(field, value) {
                                property: field,
                                value   : value

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Ok People, I answered my own question:

a simple

Ext.getCmp('yourNestedListID').goToNode( Ext.getStore('NestedListStore').findRecord('text', field.getValue())); 

did the trick Hope this can be helpful to others.

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Thanks! Worked like a charm! –  Syeda Sara Ahmed Jul 7 at 12:00

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