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I use Capybara with Rspec and have the following code on my page:

<div class="pagination pagination-centered">
    // ...
    <li class="last">
      <a href="/en/articles?page=2">Last »</a>

I want to check in the request that a div with class "pagination pagination-centered" exists. I tried this:

it "should have pagination" do
  page.should have_selector('div#pagination pagination-centered')

And this:

it "should have pagination" do
  page.should have_selector('div', :class => 'pagination pagination-centered')

And neither work. How should I solve the problem?

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OK, I found the solution. I should use have_css method:

it "should have pagination" do
  page.should have_css('div.pagination.pagination-centered')
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Regarding the OP:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, troubles and solutions, ExiRe - it helped me to find the solution to my own problem. Though I am using Rspec by itself, and not with Capybara, one of my tests was producing a false negative:

it { should have_selector('div.pagination') }

However, inspecting the html in my browser tells me otherwise:

< div class="pagination" >

I changed my test to (somewhat) resemble the latter of your initial two experiments:

it { should have_selector('div', :class => 'pagination') }

And now it passes.

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This is what finally worked for me (also using Capybara with Rspec) after trying (and having the tests fail) on earlier examples on this page:

    it { should have_selector('div', 'pagination.pagination-centered') }
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