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I am wondering if it is possible to write a program that will create a virtual USB device.

The purpose of this is mostly so I can learn.

What I eventually want to do would be:

  1. To 'change' a USB thumb drive to whatever I want but probably camera or hard drive to start.

  2. To convince software that a USB device is connected and working properly - I have some software from Kodak that wants a camera to be always connected.

If this is possible then where is the best place to start for Windows XP or Vista?

I'm pretty new to programming, I have a basic grasp of C++, Fortran and Pascal.

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Most USB-devices are usermode drivers. If it's possible, stay in usermode and use C++! But be sure, develeoping driver is a very advanced thing and the knowledge of a language is not the only thing you have to know. More important is to know how an OS works internaly!

Here I described a good way to start.

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