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I'm currently using the delayed_job gem to queue and run background tasks in my application. In the local system, I can just use rake jobs:work to run the queued tasks. However, when I deploy my app onto Heroku, I do not want to continue using the rake command. Instead, I want the rake command to be called automatically. Is there a way to do so, without paying for a worker in Heroku?

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I use cron with out problems (with django). All do you need is to configure as task the same command that you can execute after heroku run command.

Remember that cron time compute as worker time, be sure that command ends.

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No, you can't do it without a worker.

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The earlier point saying you need a worker is right, however you do have free worker hours. There 750 free hours per month http://www.heroku.com/pricing#1-0. Given a 31 day month is 744 hours, you have at least 6 free worker hours to use each month.

If you use the workless gem https://github.com/lostboy/workless this will spin up the worker only when needed (i.e. jobs waiting in delayed_job), then close it down again. Works perfectly for my app, and 6 hours of background processing time a month is more than enough for my requirements.

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