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So I'm working on getting MonetDB hooked up with JDBC but am having issues even with the basic tutorial. I'm probably doing something wrong here and maybe someone could point me in the right direction (that would be greatly appreciated!).

So the commands I'm running are:

monetdbd start /dbfarm
monetdb create test1
monetdb release test1
java -jar /jars/jdbcclient.jar -u monetdb -d test1

Database connect failed: no such database 'test1', please create first


This seems odd to me because I can access test1 via mclient -u monetdb -d test1.


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Would you mind adding the output of the commands that you entered? –  Holger Sep 30 '12 at 12:07
The output for the command is: Database connect failed: no such database 'test1', please create first –  ast4 Sep 30 '12 at 20:10
It might be only missing in the snipped above, but it seems you forgot to start 'test1', e.g. monetdb start test1. This action is separate from starting the dbfarm with monetdbd and creating a releasing the database with monetdb. –  Dimitar Nedev Feb 19 at 12:19

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