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I use openssl to encrypt a text, then put this into a mysql database. This works fine, however with long texts, the decrypted text becomes corrupted.

Personally I think this is due to the way mysql saves this text into the database, there are a lot of not alpha numeric characters in the encrypted text. But I am not sure about that. Also I don't know which collation to use in mysql, right now I set it to *utf8_unicode_ci*, but still there is corruption of data.

A live example can be seen here:

Username: example
Password: password

To view the corrupted data, click Download Backup.

Below the code, of course $encrypted is saved into the database. This code works fine without database.

  $source = 'very long text';
  $iv = "1234567812345678";
  $pass = 'difficultpassphrase';
  $method = 'aes-256-ofb';

  $encrypted = openssl_encrypt ($source, $method, $pass, true, $iv);  
  echo $encrypted;

  $decrypted = openssl_decrypt ($encrypted, $method, $pass, true, $iv);
  echo $decrypted;

Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.

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To store encrypted content in binary form, you can't use a character type with encoding since it's very likely that the encoding "breaks" your data.

You should instead use BINARY or VARBINARY datatypes, they're made exactly for the purpose of storing binary data.

The alternative is to base64_encode the data before storing it in the character datatypes, and base64_decode the data when you've fetched it from the database. This will encode the data so that the encrypted data is possible to store in a varchar/char datatype (although it will make the data slightly longer, so beware of that)

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I use base64_encode/decode as you mentioned, however the problem still persists. Very smart idea though. I use mysql_real_escape_string on top of base64_encode, maybe this is causing trauble? Which I think is not very likely. mysql_real_escape_string(base64_encode($encrypted)) And by setting the field to binary or varbinary the field length automatically becomes 1, when I try to make it bigger I receive an error. I set it back to blob – user1557314 Sep 29 '12 at 18:22
I found the problem: I performed a stripslashes() before showing the note. – user1557314 Sep 29 '12 at 18:30

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