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In my JSF 2 Primeface application I have following file upload component.

<p:fileUpload id="related_image" fileUploadListener="#{fileUploadController.handleFileUpload}"  
    fileLimit ="1"
    style="width: 310px"/>

I want to remove progress bar from this component so I am doing

.progress {
display: none;


and this work but I want to remove the progress bar attached to this file upload component only and not from my entire application, so I tried

#related_image .progress{


but this doesnt work, any clue guys?

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CSS doesn't style a JSF component but the HTML output from the server. Please paste the HTML code received by a browser –  FelipeAls Sep 29 '12 at 18:01

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Your <p:fileUpload> component can have prepended id. View the generated HTML output after deploying and check for the actual id of the component. <p:fileUpload> is in some form (or in other wrapping component e.g. <p:panel>). Primefaces automatically add forms id to components inside this form. So the actual id of <p:fileUpload> probably looks like id="formID:fileUpID" and thats why it can't find #fileUpID.

Note: You can disable prepending ids by prependId="false" attribute.

Note 2: You can also try to specify styleClass for the <p:fileUpload>, which you can style in CSS.

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First, you got an extra space in

\#related_image .progress{

the selector should be


Second, if the fileUpload component really has prefixed id (as the Fallup suggests) you need to escape the colon from the id in the css selector - see e.g. Handling a colon in an element ID in a CSS selector for this.

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in general (in css you need to escape the colon with \3a Handling a colon in an element ID in a CSS selector , while in jquery you should use \\:)

#some_prefix_id\3a your_file_upload_component_id .someClass{

where the some_prefix_id might be some form id or some naming container id ,

Although , INMO a better approach would be assigning an id to your form and using this selector in css :

#your_form_id .someClass{
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