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Am I being dense here? I have an app built in Xcode 4.5 that was targeted at iOS5, which built and deployed over TestFlight just fine.

Today, 2 of my team got their iPhone 5 and now I am trying to get the app on their device. I changed the target for the project to iOS6, provisioned their devices, and made an archive. But every time I try to push it through TestFlight I get a "dSYM not found" error.

Do I need to make a whole new provisioning profile for these iOS6 devices, or should this work and there is some other issue I am not seeing?

Have cleaned, removed derived data, etc. But so far, nothing has worked.

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Not sure but iOS6 demands changes in your code built for previous versions. –  Atif Imran Sep 29 '12 at 18:42

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Yes you need to re provision the devices and update the profile in XCode or via the "Builds -> Permission Updated Provisioning Profile" option / Button

I have found that After adding a new device i then will download the new profile delete the oldone in xcode then install the new one it's a pain but it works I'm assuming that you already know it has to be an Add Hoc Profile and the device ID's need to be attached to it.

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