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I have a folder on C drive which is already checked out from SVN. In somewhere in that folder, I have a eclipse project folder. It is already on svn repository.

I started eclipse, imported that project but I am not sure how to connect it to svn. When I was working on a cvs repository, eclipse cvs discovered its setting when I tried to share it. How can I do this with subversive?

Regards, Burak

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This is how it's done with Subclipse, if I remember correctly the process is similar in Subversive because they both use the Team API.

Right-click on the project, select Team->Share Project...

Then select SVN as the SCM provider, then follow the wizard to completion.

Update: according to this installation guide, Subversive does follow the same approach. If you haven't already set up your Subversion repository, the Wizard will prompt you to do so as in the screenshot below. The settings are the same as you would ordinarily use to connect to Subversion.

share project wizard screenshot

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I did what Rich Seller did and I was running into the problem where it still couldn't connect to it. You have you make sure that your project root directory is the one that contains the *.svn folders. –  Jovette Estrellado Aug 30 '11 at 6:58
Yes, be careful with this. I had the SVN root wrong and it managed to check in a folder at the wrong level before crapping out. Took a while to fix as there was some discrepancy with SVN versions :( –  Adrian Mouat Apr 2 '12 at 16:24

Right click on the project name to bring up the context menu. Select Team -> Share Project...

See here in the Subversive FAQ.

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