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I have a single project and I want to pull two more repositories from my server into it. I'm getting a problem where one of the submodules is pulling in code from both repositories, though.

One submodule needs to be within


The other


This is what I do:

cd projectroot
git submodule add ssh://user@xx.xx.xxx.xx:/var/repositories/models.git application/models

This works wonderfully; my application/models contains what it needs to. So I move onto the next:

git submodule add ssh://user@xx.xx.xxx.xx:/var/repositories/NameSpace.git library/NameSpace

I take a look in


and I have ALL files from both repositories in there. I should probably also note that

git submodule

correctly lists both submodules added as expected.

Am I missing something crucial here? Is it something I have done wrong with initializing the individual repositories? I have attempted this process ~3 times now.


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Can you clarify what you mean by "the folder" in "I take a look in the folder...". Which folder? –  Greg Hewgill Sep 29 '12 at 19:02
@GregHewgill apologies, I've edited my question. –  James Sep 29 '12 at 19:05

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You're probably updating all submodules through

git submodule update

If you want to update only one submodule, you need to cd into that submodule's directory, and run

git pull

there. Then, commit changeset hash change from project root.

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Not sure if this can be considered an answer, but I managed to fix it by re-cloning the entire project (before I had added the submodules). I then tried to add the submodules in again and it worked.

Somewhere along the line Git/ something else was getting confused.

Thanks anyway.

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