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My Models look like this:

class Model1(models.Model):

class Model2(models.Model):
    model1 = models.ForeignKey(Model1)
    attr = models.IntegerField(default=1)

From the shell, I see the following behavior:

>>> m1.model2_set.all()[0].attr += 1
>>> m1.model2_set.all()[0].attr
>>> m2 = m1.model2_set.all()[0]
>>> m2.attr += 1

Any idea why this would happen?

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It looks like you are retrieving the same Model2 instance from your db. m1 and m2 seem to have the same Model2 attached to it, which you retrieve by model2_set.all()[0]. You could verify this like:

>>> m2.model2_set.all()[0] == m1.model2_set.all()[0] # should be true 
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