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Does anyone know how to catch the error in AngularJS when a templateUrl has lead to a 404 error or a 500 error when it's assigned to a route which is directed to a controller? When a failure occurs, I see the issue in my console, but I can't seem to instruct angularJS to deal with gracefully.

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I know it will not help a lot but I would just try to avoid exceptions, must be something weird in the code if you have to deal with this, angular (and js in general) is not really EAFP :) – Guillaume86 Sep 30 '12 at 16:25
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John Lindquist offers this example (js in [1]) which uses an overarching AppCtrl to listen for $routeChangeError [2]. I assume this will fire for an error loading the templateUrl but I have not tested that. Via [3].




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