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I am trying to find where to place an event which must only trigger on the first page load of my multi-page jquery mobile page, or on a complete browser refresh. I do not wish the event to be triggered by my movement between the pages within the multi-page document.

I have found the below technique to work.

        $('[data-role=page]').live('pagebeforecreate', function(event) {
            var $et = $(event.target);
                //Do event

Is there a better way?

Thanks for the help!


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You may have to tweak it a bit:

Set a flag in pageinit and reset on first load. Not the cleanest way, but may have to do it in your case..

   firstpageloaded = false;

$('[data-role=page]').on('pagebeforecreate', function(event) {
  if ( false == firstpageloaded ){
     firstpageloaded = true;
     //Do Event

Also, live is being deprecated and on should be used..

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