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In Chrome, open your JavaScript console and you will find WebGLActiveInfo as a global variable. I've tried looking for documentation on this function but nothing comes up.

Naively calling it will produce a TypeError: Illegal constructor, which is frustrating because it's a black box:

function WebGLActiveInfo() { [native code] }

What does this function do? How can I use it?

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It's not a function, it's the name of a native Object. Same as WebGLRenderingContext, WebGLTexture, Blob, or XMLHTTPRequest. Type any of those and you'll get the same function signature.

WebGLActiveInfo objects are returned from gl.getActiveUniform and gl.getActiveAttrib

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It is a function — it's just useless to call. All explicit object types in JavaScript are represented as constructor functions. –  Kevin Reid Sep 30 '12 at 1:46
I'd argue any function you can't call is not a function. Even if it's labelled as such. It's not even a constructor. You can't go new WebGLTexture(); or new WebGLActiveInfo(); though I suppose you could argue it is a function defined as WebGLActiveInfo = function() { throw TypeError("Illegal constructor"); }; –  gman Oct 1 '12 at 5:07
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