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When I trying open secured document I have this exception

System.Exception : Can not open the package. Package is an OLE compound document. If this is an encrypted package, please supply the password

I write this hard method for test

public bool HasPassword()
                    var fileStream = File.Open(FileName, FileMode.Append);
                    var package = new ExcelPackage();
                return true;
            return false;

but I think that it is wrong approach.

How to check whether it is password-protected excel file ?

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If EEPlus isn't mandatory you can simply use the Workbook.HasPassword property.

Workbook book = ****xyz****;
if (book.HasPassword)
    book.Password = Properties.Settings.Default.ExcelFilePW;
    MessageBox.Show("Excel file is encrpyted");

Therefore you need to create a reference to the Office Interop Excel component which can be found in .NET / COM (sometimes). Then just embed it in your project with the using directive.

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