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I developed a Windows 8 Metro App. Now I wanted to test what happens if I rotate the screen but I do not have a device which is capable of this.

Is there a way to trigger this manually? I can rotate the screen manually with my ATI driver but I don't thinks this is what happens if I rotate some tablet?

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For testing, the Simulator in Visual Studio will enable you to do this.

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Thank you. This is a nice tool. I didn't know it existed. –  ehmunnehm Sep 30 '12 at 10:25
Note that although this is useful for testing things such as the reflow of your layout, it does not fully simulate a rotation event. It ignores your application's AutoRotationPreferences, and does not raise rotation events. As far as I know, testing on an actual device is the only way around those issues. –  Katie Jul 6 at 21:51

I'm not sure if this is a video driver-dependent setting, but with the Windows 8 systems I've used, I could manually rotate the display via Ctrl+Alt+arrow. Left = 90 degrees, Down = 180, Right = 270.

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