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How do I allow any device, e.g., iPhone, to connect over a WLAN to my Mac's localhost server?

On my Mac, I'm running a "Hello World" HTTP Node.js server that serves a page, which Safari opens successfully, at http://localhost:1337. And, running ipconfig getifaddr en1 in Terminal outputs

But, Safari, on both iPhone & Mac, displays "Safari can't connect to the server" when it tries to open

I don't think this should involve port forwarding because I only want the HTTP server to be available privately, not publicly.


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question answered here stackoverflow.com/questions/9304058/… –  Andreas Norman Aug 7 '13 at 15:20

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Have your server listen on, not localhost:1337, i.e.,

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I was only able to access my iphone using http://name.local:1337. You have to add the ".local" You can find your computer name under System Preferences/sharing/"Computer Name".

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I suggest to use the name of the computer, e.g.http://mymac:1337/. Works for me perfect without any configuration required and I don't have to care about changing IP addresses due DHCP.

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As posted I followed moeamaya's answer but needed to modify it just a bit to see my work in the Sites directory.


[name] is as stated already (System Preferences/sharing/"Computer Name")

[username] is found at:


hope this helps!

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I had the same problem. I turned off my WI-FI on my Mac and then turned it on again, which solved the problem. Click Settings > Turn WI-FI Off.

I tested it by going to Safari on my iPhone and entering my host name or IP address. For example: http://<name>.local or

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strangely enough, this worked for me! Thanks a lot. I can't understand why. –  Björn Grossmann Oct 10 at 22:44

Try enabling Internet Sharing:
Open System Preferences -> Sharing. Check Internet Sharing to turn it on, it will prompt you to confirm your action, select ok. If your iPhone is connected using USB, the iPhone USB is checked at the "sharing your connection" list on the right side.
After this, try accessing your local server using your macs ip on wifi.

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