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According to WHATWG and MDN, window.setTimeout and window.setInterval have the form

var handle = window.setTimeout( handler [, timeout [, arguments... ] ] );
var handle = window.setInterval( handler [, timeout [, arguments... ] ] );

Most sources say (generic) Internet Explorer doesn't support the optional arguments.
Is there a list of browsers and versions that do and do not support it?

An example of the way to test for support would be

setTimeout: <span id="t">testing..</span><br/>
setInterval: <span id="i">testing..</span>
<script type="text/javascript">
t = window.setTimeout( // setTimeout
    function (b) { // callback
        document.getElementById('t').innerHTML = (b || false); // test for arg1
    true // arg1
i = window.setInterval( // setInterval
    function (b) { // callback
        document.getElementById('i').innerHTML = (b || false); // test for arg1
    true // arg1

With expected result true and result on failure as false.

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Since it is so easy to simply use an anonymous function to pass extra arguments and it runs everywhere, why not just use that and avoid the headaches? – Jeremy J Starcher Sep 30 '12 at 3:16
It is a question I couldn't find an actual answer to anywhere, as in, the answers assumed every version of each browser is the same, so I went to find out and decided to share. – Paul S. Sep 30 '12 at 12:45

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Using a test based upon the example code in the question and BrowserShots for the browsers, here is a table of browser support

Browser  Version  setTimeout  setInterval
Chrome     4+      true        true         Lowest version testable
Firefox    3+      true        true         Did not test lower versions
MSIE       6       false       false
MSIE       7       false       false
MSIE       8       false       false
MSIE       9       false       false
MSIE      10       true        true
Opera                                       Not tested
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