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I'm using js-test-driver to run some tests and would like to test some code against an html document. I was hoping to load this into the current document in an iframe and test my code against it but I'm having trouble even getting the file.

My directory structure is:

  • simpleJsTestDriver
    • aFile.html
    • aTest.js
    • jsTestDriver.conf
    • jsTestDriver.jar
    • someCode.js


<!DOCTYPE html>


server: http://localhost:9876

  - "someCode.js"

  - "aTest.js"

  - "aFile.html"

Running java -jar JsTestDriver.jar --port 9876 --runnerMode=DEBUG and navigating to http://localhost:9876/aFile.html gives:


Problem accessing /aFile.html. Reason:

    Not found.
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I'm using the latest version of js-test-driver (1.3.4.b) as 1.3.4.a appeared to have this problem of not serving static files. I know that the server finds the file okay as changing the name in the conf file to aFi.html throws the error:

Configuration Error: 
Cannot read [
] derived from aFi.html
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Literally just solved it. You need to navigate to http://localhost:9876/test/aFile.html. Obviously!

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So the instructions here really aren't that helpful right or is it obvious to everyone else? code.google.com/p/js-test-driver/wiki/ConfigurationFile#serve: –  AJP Sep 30 '12 at 0:37

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