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I am working with the yahoo fantasy sports API ( trying to add a player by sending a post request with a specific league/team/player in the query string. For some reason even though I have tried a number of ways to specify this request as a post rails is making a GET request. Would anyone be able to provide me some ideas on how to troubleshoot this? Thank you!

  resources :free_agents do
    post 'add_nfl_player', :on => :collection

 def add_nfl_player
  request_url= "my query string"                                                                                            
  access_token = session[:access_token]
  response = access_token.request(:post, request_url)
  data = Hash.from_xml(response.body)
  render :json => data
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From what I can see, this API only supports GET requests. I could be wrong, though.

Have you looked at gems like rest_client ( I'm not sure I really follow the code you put up. If rest_client doesn't work for you, try a more general HTTP client like HTTParty (



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