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Aliasing a java package name in clojure

If I have a Java API like this:


Can I use it from Clojure (1.4.0) with a "fake" namespace like this:


I don't want to (use 'com.very.long.and.boring.names) because Abc / Def / Ghi may clash with my Clojure functions. So basically I want to "map" "com.very.long.and.boring.names" to "foo".

I tried several things at the REPL but couldn't make it work.

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I don't believe that this functionality exists as yet.

However if the purpose is to use the Class object at runtime, you can always just do:

(def s java.lang.String)

(.newInstance s)
=> ""
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I think you're basically asking this same question:

Aliasing a java package name in clojure

Apparently the functionality doesn't actually exist yet...

However, class names usually start with capital letters, whereas function names are lower-case by convention. Unless the Java classes or your functions aren't following these conventions then you shouldn't have any conflicts.

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