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I am trying to set the variable $purchase to use in my email template per the following configuration:

App::uses('CakeEmail', 'Network/Email');
$email = new CakeEmail();
$email->template('new_order_email', 'default');
$email->from(array('' => 'A Great Site'));
$email->subject('Order details');

But this doesn't work when I attempt to use the $purchase variable in the template. Instead, the email which is sent contains the following error:

Notice (8): Undefined variable: purchase [APP/View/Emails/html/new_order_email.ctp, line 2]

This indicates that $purchase is not available, even though I did set that variable using the CakeEmail:viewVars(); function. Any ideas why I am having this problem?

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the quickest and shortest way:


it will pass the var $purchase as the same key 'purchase' into the email viewVars and is exactly what you need here.

you can also quickly add more variables this way:

$html = 'foo';
$url = '/my/url';

$email->viewVars(compact('purchase', 'html', 'url'));
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Use this:

$email->viewVars(array('purchase' => $purchase));
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This one works as well! – alieninlondon Sep 30 '12 at 12:12

Look at my answer Here


in your email template print this. then you will be able to see all your variables :)

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Is possible to send a array like this $maArray

  (int) 0 => array(
    'name' => 'Montant auxiliaire de badminton réglable',
    'qt' => '1',
    'basket_id' => '32',
    'article_id' => '37',
    'price' => '225',
    'noarticle' => '01053',
    'content' => '<p>de 140 &agrave; 250 cm pour soutenir des longs filets de badminton ou de volleyball.</p>',
    'sgattribut' => '',
    'sgcatpage' => '114',
    'sgimagel' => '01053_2.jpg'
  (int) 1 => array(
    'name' => 'Montant auxiliaire de badminton fixe',
    'qt' => '2',
    'basket_id' => '32',
    'article_id' => '38',
    'price' => '85',
    'noarticle' => '01052',
    'content' => '<p>pour soutenir des longs filets de badminton.</p>',
    'sgattribut' => '155cm',
    'sgcatpage' => '114',
    'sgimagel' => '01052_2.jpg'

to the viewVars in order to build a table with value, in the emal.ctp


I am loohing for a silution a couple a hours :o|

Thnak for helping

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