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I am writing a procedure which will go through a table and collect all the top 10 results. I am using a cursor then fetching the results. I'm a little stuck on how to print out the results. I used a select statement to get those results, but I'm told that there is an error.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

create procedure plant_list()
declare v_plant_id integer(5);
declare v_common_name varchar(30);
declare v_scientific_name varchar(20);

declare finished boolean default false;

declare cur_top_ten cursor for
    select P.plant_id, common_name, concat(genus, ' ', species)
    from plants P
        join plant_taxonomy PT on P.plant_id = PT.plant_id
    order by list_price desc
    limit 10

declare continue handler for not found set finished = true;

open cur_top_ten;
curloop: loop
    fetch cur_top_ten into v_plant_id, v_common_name, v_scientific_name;
    if finished then
        close cur_top_ten;
        set finished = false;
        leave curloop;
    end if

    select v_plant_id, v_common_name, v_scientific_name;

end loop curloop;

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There's a missing semi colon after the end if!

  if finished then
    close cur_top_ten;
    set finished = false;
    leave curloop;
  end if;
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In some version of mysql you can not use limit in cursor. It is bug http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=61711 this could may be the reason of your problem. But another problem will be with your cursor handler code. For complete description on how to use cursor you may refer http://www.techflirt.com/mysql-cursor-tutorial/

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Sometime adding limit cause error. –  Ankur Kumar Singh Mar 31 '13 at 6:24

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