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I have an app on Heroku. Locally I am using Foreman and have a .ENV file for storing config vars. For this example let's say my API key is 123456789 and my Heroku app name is acme

The following rake task works fine.

task :scale_up => :environment do '', {:type => 'web', :qty => 3}

To keep my keys private, I added the following to my .ENV file


Now the following rake task doesn't work.

task :scale_up => :environment do ENV['TASK_URL'], {:type => 'web', :qty => 3}

I have played around with the syntax arrangement and always up with one of the following:

  • • syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting tASSOC
  • • must pass :url
  • • bad URI(is not URI?): http://ENV[TASK_URL]

Help would be appreciated.

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