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I want my app to just be able to let users post a message on Facebook. Seems like with the new requirement in sdk 3.1 that apps open a session first with read only permissions and then re-authorize for write permissions this becomes impossible or extremely ugly as it forces two app switches.

My scenario is I have a post-to-Facebook button in my app, I want the user to be able to post a message to Facebook. He is not logged in yet at this time.

If I use the new +openSessionWithPublishPermissions:... Method I get an sdk error stating apps are required to login with read only permissions.

If I use the +openSessionsWithReadPermissions:... I get an app switch to authorize, then I use the reauthoruzeSessionWithPublishPermissions I get another app switch. So pressing the button results in two app switches, which is the extremely ugly case.

This new restrictions on permissions would break a number of the apps in the Facebook sdk demo, which continue to work only because they use old deprecated methods.

I can achieve this using the new ios6 Facebook API with two short falls, it doesn't work for iOS 5 users and it only works if the user is logged in at the system level but doesn't allow the user to be logged in just to my app.

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I guess in that case you'll need to use deprecated method openActiveSessionWithPermissions to disable the native Auth Dialog.

See Tip 5 at Facebook developer "howto"

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