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My concern is mainly to use Contains method of List (I think the best way to do checking).

Controls: Spinner, EditText and Button(for checking)

In my resources(String.xml) I created a string-array of name = "Fruits".

In my Activity1.cs I also created an ArrayAdapter to populate the items of my string-array and assigned it to my spinner.adapter object.

var spinner = FindViewById<Spinner>(Resource.Id.spinner1);
var adapter = ArrayAdapter.CreateFromResource(this, Resource.Array.Fruits, Android.Resource.Layout.SimpleSpinnerDropDownItem);
spinner.Adapter = adapter;

Note: The text found on the EditText control is equal to the selected item on the spinner control BUT I also allow the user to enter it manually.


  1. If this is possible, how can I convert ArrayAdapter to List type. (My main purpose is to make use of the Contain method in w/c I am checking the inputted data from EditText if found on the List)

  2. Is there any other way to check data out from the string-array resource? (Note: I don't want to use any loop just to check only 1 item on the program if it exist. Just let .net do the rest for me.)

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One easy way would be to just load the string array yourself into memory and check there:

string[] fruits = Resources.GetStringArray(Resource.Array.Fruits);
var containsOrange = fruits.Contains("orange");

Make sure you have the System.Linq namespace included in order to get the Contains() method.

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