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I have a very simple landing page with some animated particles in the background which are small images. Seems to work fine in typical browsers however when on any mobile ios platform (iphone/ipad etc) the particles seem to cause the view to constantly resize as they float to the boundaries of the page... I thought overflow hidden would prevent this... I'm at a loss on this one...

Here is the site:

Obviously you would have to view this on an ios device to see the screen 'jitter' I am talking about. Any help would be super appreciated!

-Update: some JS code I used for the body which works fine on normal browsers

//set up the page
var W = window.innerWidth;
var H = window.innerHeight;
var bodyStyle =;
bodyStyle.backgroundColor = 'rgba(2,34,63,1)';
bodyStyle.width = W;
bodyStyle.height = H;
bodyStyle.position = 'relative'; = '0px';
bodyStyle.left = '0px';
bodyStyle.margin = '0px';
bodyStyle.padding = '0px';
bodyStyle.overflow = "hidden";

I should also add that when I console.log the window.onresize event, it turns out that it is constantly firing when viewing from an ios platform.

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Some code would help – Chandra Sekhar Walajapet Sep 30 '12 at 6:24
yeh i know, just not sure as to what code to provide. Seems as though it has something to do with overflow: hidden not working on mobile devices as I have applied it to the body of the page which I appended the particles to... I'll add a part of my js script which I having been doing the particle work on. – Josh Mu Sep 30 '12 at 6:38

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