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I am a front-end guy using Windows for design and html/js/css coding. My work is separate from the back-end guy using .NET. I am also new to Haml/Sass thing as well as Ruby. And definitely not using Rails. After few search, I decided to pick Sublime Text 2 for Sass/Haml support and get rid of my old Notepad++. My first question is:

1. What is the best practice / efficiency to automatically convert whole folder of Haml (primary) and/or Sass to static documents (html/css)?

I have a separate solution for Sass by setting the "watch". I was searching for Haml automatic conversion solution and found few options: Library for making static websites with HAML/SASS/CSS framework

2. Should I use StaticMatic?

Google search said it is the best. But there seems no update for 2 years

There is also this site (Is it the same?):

If I use StaticMatic, I can setup a build system in Sublime Text to run from the Build Menu (

3. OR should I go with all-in-one solution like this (may cost few bucks)? Is there free one?

I don't mind to have Sass -watch running separately and another polling mechanism for Haml. I just want to make sure I have the "latest" out there.

Hope to get some advise for my unique situation. Thanks.

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The answer is Middleman

It's the replacement for out-dated StaticMatic

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For automatic conversion from haml to sass you can use this gist: If you want to automate even more the workflow process, you can use sublime package to run the command on file save.


For SASS here is the needed setup.

For automatic conversion on save, the same rules are applied here too, but it's important to include the .sass and .haml extension in SublimeOnSaveBuild.sublime-settings file.

So your file should look like this:

    "filename_filter": "\\.(css|js|sass|less|scss|jade|haml)$",
    "build_on_save": 1

You can extend this list at your own wish.

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