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I`m quite begginer at WPF. I have checkBox and I want that every check changes will excecute a command that gets IsChecked parameter and do some action.

I have the next code in my XAML file:

At my viewModel I have the next code:

    private ICommand _addSelectedItemsCommand;
    public ICommand AddSelectedItemsCommand
            if (_addSelectedItemsCommand == null)
                _addSelectedItemsCommand = new RelayCommand(param => this.AddSelectedItems());
            return _addSelectedItemsCommand;

    private void AddSelectedItems()
        Do something...

But for "Do somthing" I need IsChecked parameter, How can i get it?


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You should use InvokeCommandAction class. You can find it in Expression Blend SDK or you can simply add this NuGet package to your project.

    <i:EventTrigger EventName="Checked">
      <ei:InvokeCommandAction Command="{Binding AddSelectedItemsCommand}" CommandParameter="..." />
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In Your ViewModel RelayCommand Look Like

private RelayCommand<string> AddSelectedItemsCommand{get;set;}

And in your ViewModel Constructor code look like

AddSelectedItemsCommand=new RelayCommand<string>(AddSelectedItemsMethod);

void AddSelectedItemsMethod(string AddItem)
 Your Code Goes Here.
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