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I'm looking for Java "Faces" that supports RTL (Right To Left) user interfaces. The only library that I've checked so far is RichFaces. It seems that it doesn't support it natively.

What is a good resource that talks about this issue?

What other "Faces" can be recommend that natively support RTL user interfaces?

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RichFaces components support the dir attribute.

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The JSF standard components already do it since ages. They just supports all of the HTML attribues, including the dir attribute, which you can set to "rtl". I would be surprised if any of the 3rd party component libraries didn't inherit it.

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In richfaces, it does support dir="rtl" in all components, yep it does not say you can not set the attribute dir but when you put it on, it will not display correct. To do so, in richfaces you need override its style, replacing left with right and right with left, i have checked it for simple components but for others like tree, like menu it would not be easy as i say. I have no idea what other components would support that.

btw i speak for 3.1.5. GA.

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I didn't used it on my own, but was just googling about it and wikipedia states it might be candidate:

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