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I'm writing an android app just to get familiar with the OS and API. I'd like to show what my app is doing to the user in a seperate screen and not via notifications. The reason is that I'd like to show the user exactly what the app is querying and how long it took etc. I saw an example of this in the superuser app which shows what the app is doing when it is updating itself.

  • Is there a library to do this?
  • Is it as simple as just showing a text box and then populating it programatically?
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I would have done it so.. Just push state changes to your UI thread and display them there. You can do that via BroadcastReceiver, which is intended to let background services communicate with UI activities, or LocalBroadcastManager which is simpler version of the previous.

Here on StackOverflow you will find dozens of questions describing how to implement it.

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Thanks, I wasn't clear but I was looking for mainly UI side code. –  Gaurav Sep 30 '12 at 9:23

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