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I have 2 Activities ActivityA & ActivityB, if you open ActivityA and select anything from it, it will open ActivityB, and when you finish ActivityB it will go back to ActivityA, how can i open ActivityB lets say from a notification, and when user finishs it, if there is nothing in back stack I opens ActivityA, am asking about the best solution for this, I already have ideas about that, but still not sure if this is the best solution for it.

in ActivityB

Intent intent=new Intent(getApplicationContext(), ActivityA.class);


or I can send a flag from ActivityA to ActivityB when I start B from A, if this flag exists, I just finish, if not, I start ActivityA.

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use startActivities() and pass both activities. Android will handle the back stack for you

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thats what am looking for. – MoshErsan Sep 30 '12 at 12:18

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