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In QT:I craete a QMenu:

QMenu* popMenu = new QMenu(ui->treeWidget);

and I want to pop it above the current treewidgetitem, but what I only know is:


So if I use:

ui->treeWidget->setCurrentItem(treeWidgetItem);//this is necessary for my program and the current item will be used elsewhere.

The menu will pop at the pos of the mouse-clicked pos not at the item. This looks wizard:( How can I pop the menu at the current item’s coordinates?

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I'm sure my solution is quite stupid, but it works: I measured the root QTreeWidgetItem's height as 15, and child QTreeWidgetItem's height as 12. The code:

bool MainWindow::isAtItemPos()
    QPoint treeWidgetPos = ui->treeWidget->mapToGlobal(QPoint(0,0));
    QPoint curPos = QCursor::pos();
    int verPos = curPos.ry() - treeWidgetPos.ry();
    int verMax = 15 + 12*rootItem->childCount();
    if(verPos <= verMax)return true;
    else return false;

And I use it:


It works :)

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