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I crawled some datas from a web then directly save them in database, so I got $title, $url, and $author. But, the number of $author for one title can more than 1 data. So, I separated $author from $title and $url. all id is auto increment.

tb_wrapper            tb_author
=================     ==================
|id| title | url|    |id|author|$title|
=================     ==================
|1 |titleA |urlA|    | 1| A    |titleA|
=================     | 2| B   |titleA|

in the other process(from document files that I got that their filename is same with $title), i have a table also that contain $title : tb_doc

|id | content | title|
|1  | contentA|titleA|

I need to get datas from those 3 tables, so I can get the result like : titleA has URLA contentA and author A and B

here's the code :

$query = mysql_query("SELECT
                       INNER JOIN tb_wrapper ON tb_doc.title = tb_wrapper.title
                       INNER JOIN tb_author ON tb_wrapper.title = tb_author.title ");

But, from that, I got duplicate result, author A and B are separated. please, help me, what join I have to do ? thank you very much :)

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Use GROUP_CONCAT like so:

SELECT w.url, w.title, a.title, a.authors, 
  d.content, d.title
FROM tb_doc d
INNER JOIN tb_wrapper w  ON d.title = w.title
   SELECT title, GROUP_CONCAT(author SEPARATOR ', ') AS authors
   FROM  tb_author
   GROUP BY title
 ) a ON w.title = a.title

SQL Fiddle Demo

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great.. thank you so much, sir :) –  bruine Sep 30 '12 at 12:39

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