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I'm trying to create a database migration by

PM> Add-Migration
PM> Update-Database

but all I get is an error message telling me that an invalid column is referenced. It gets clear when you look at the generated migration which contains the following Up() method:

    public override void Up()
        RenameColumn(table: "dbo.Bestelllistes", name: "Ersteller_Id", newName: "PodioUser_Id");
        AddColumn("dbo.Bestelllistes", "ErstelltDatum", c => c.DateTime(nullable: false));
        AddColumn("dbo.Bestelllistes", "ZuletztModifiziertDatum", c => c.DateTime(nullable: false));
        AddColumn("dbo.Bestelllistes", "ZuletztModifiziertDurch_Id", c => c.Int());
        AddForeignKey("dbo.Bestelllistes", "Ersteller_Id", "dbo.PodioUsers", "Id");
        AddForeignKey("dbo.Bestelllistes", "ZuletztModifiziertDurch_Id", "dbo.PodioUsers", "Id");
        CreateIndex("dbo.Bestelllistes", "Ersteller_Id");
        CreateIndex("dbo.Bestelllistes", "ZuletztModifiziertDurch_Id");

RenameColumn contradicts AddForeignKey which still uses the old constraint column name. I could manually change this, but I'm afraid that's not the way it's ought to work.

Is this usual behaviour or is it a bug? Looks like one to me.

//edit: Ah, just to explain what I did before that: I added another column property referencing the dbo.PodioUsers table to the "Bestellliste" model. So now "Bestellliste" has got two properties referencing the "PodioUser" model.

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This happens to me, too. It seems to happen when I add the [Required] attribute to a field that didn't have it before.

To work around the issue I use update-database -force -script, edit the SQL and run it against the DB. In my case that's MSSQL and I use the Management Studio for that.

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