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I am trying to display the contents of different tables dynamically using scatterview, is there an easy way to do that. Right now I have the results of a query in DatagridView and I want to add it to a ScatterViewItem. I tried directly assigning, however I must be doing something wrong here. Do I need to bind it to the xaml code?

dgv = QueryResult();
svi.Content = dgv.DataSource;
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I am trying to do this using code and not by binding it. Meaning that the datagrid will be dynamic. Any ideas, I currently get a blank datagrid when I try assigning it to the content. –  wizgot Oct 17 '12 at 4:41

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The answer for this question was already there, my mistake I did not search that well. The last post in : Can I programmatically add a row to a WPF datagrid?

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