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I'm drawing on a window using


The window is displayed but with wrong dimensions and i've no idea about how resize/set the right size

UPDATE: i've modified the code just like the example point_cloud.cpp in samples/cpp/ but i can't set the window size

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You might try:

namedWindow("windowName", CV_WINDOW_OPENGL | CV_WINDOW_AUTOSIZE);
setOpenGlDrawCallback("windowName", glCallback);


namedWindow("windowName", CV_WINDOW_OPENGL);
resizeWindow("windowName", 400, 300);
setOpenGlDrawCallback("windowName", glCallback);
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Studying (better) the example provided i figure out my error, this is the correct code:

resizeWindow(windowName, 640, 480);
setOpenGlDrawCallback(windowName, glutDisplay);
for( ; ; )
 //etc etc
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In other words, my answer was correct. Instead of adding one of your own you should consider accepting the answer that solved the problem. –  karlphillip Sep 30 '12 at 21:36

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