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I have been searching around for a little while looking for a complete guide on how to integrate iAds with AdMobs if iAds fails,

The only reason I ask this is that I have iAds and I am noticing a very low fill rate with iAds and would love to have AdMobs fill the spaces. I have read the related post below and feel this is a little outdated (from 2010)

are there any better solutions complete tutorial out there with detailed code that you know about.

Using iAd as default ad network, and AdMob if iAd fails

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There is a great tutorial at this link

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This is Perfect Cheers –  Ben Wilson Oct 4 '12 at 13:02
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You should use a Mediation solution. One example is AdMob Mediation. All you need to do is write code against the AdMob API, plug in the iAd adapter library (available here), and configure a Mediation placement to request iAd and backfill AdMob.

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You can use these controls to show iAds as well as adMob both


Or here is nice tut that explain step by step


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