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When I open any song site through simulator of iPhone or iPad say mp3skull.com . and when i click on option download It gives me the Alertview option to COPY and OPEN . IS there any way I can give one more option in this .say open copy download. for more clarity shown in page :

enter image description here

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Just wonder how do you make a iPhone device frame into a simulator? – Kjuly Sep 30 '12 at 13:45

1st off: I no not think that adding a specific item there is possbile.

Now assuming you actually want to add a "Download" button, consider this:

  1. Opening a file by default means you have to download the file first
  2. "Download" on a PC/Mac just puts the file into a "known" folder where you can open it with any program later while "open" puts it into a (possibly) random temp folder and then runs the default program
  3. Due to the nature of safari in iOS a "Download" button would be more like "Store in Safari for later"
  4. Open in safari is -> Download, Store, Ask user what app he wants to use to open the file type.

So considering the above points I do not see how a "Download" button would function. If you have some more details what you want your button to do, maybe there is an alternative that will work for you.

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