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i have written the following two mixins:

@mixin textcolor($hexvaltxt, $opacitytxt: 1.0){
    color: $hexvaltxt;
    color: rgba($hexvaltxt, $opacitytxt);
@mixin boxcolor($hexvalbox, $opacitybox: 1.0){
    background-color: $hexvalbox;
    background-color: rgba($hexvalbox, $opacitybox);

basically i enter a hexvalue and in return i get a fallback color as hexvalue as well as a rgba value. basically based on what i have read the rgba function of compass should convert the hexvalue and the opacity into a rgba value. but when i call my mixin:

.maintitle {
    @include textcolor($sectionhead);

$sectionhead has #3f3e3e as value. then i get the following output:

.maintitle {
  color: #3f3e3e;
  color: #3f3e3e; }

instead of showing one hex and one rgba value i get only the same hex value twice. :/ isnt the conversion provided anymore or am i doing something completely wrong? as a side note i am running the latest compass (0.12.2) and sass (3.2.1). best regards ralf

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1.0 is completely opaque, so I am guessing Sass just leaves it as is since that would be optimal for backwards compatibility. If I change the second argument to .8, I get this output:

.maintitle {
  color: #3f3e3e;
  color: rgba(63, 62, 62, 0.8);
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indeed. only tried with opacity 1.0 examples. annoying mistake on my side. thanks! – rpk Sep 30 '12 at 18:02

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