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so, I have:

$sys->create_column_family($keyspace, 'MYCF', array(
    "column_type" => "Super",
    "comparator_type" => "CompositeType(TimeUUIDType, UTF8Type)",
    "key_validation_class" => "UTF8Type"

Inserted few records and they can be retrieved correctly (auto sorted by timeuuid which is what I wanted). For example, to get last one this is working as expected:

$slice = new ColumnSlice('', '', $count=1, $reversed=true);

Is it possible to get for instance last one with specific second component (ex. "TWITTER")?

Tried like this but no luck (NotFoundException):

$slice = new ColumnSlice(array(array(null, array("TWITTER", true))), '', $count=1, $reversed=true);

Tried with '' instead of null, but no luck.

Any ideas?


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stackoverflow.com/questions/12297841/… Check this out –  Tamil Oct 1 '12 at 7:09

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