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I'm trying to work with these methods with no success and i`ll be happy if someone can help me. I'm using groovy and i have 2 maps of strings. I want to match between the strings of the 2 maps with threads (using by gpars) For example : def firstMap = ["a":"A", "b":"B"] def secondMap = ["c":"C", "a":A"]

The normal way to equale between the maps is to

fistMap.findAll().each { first ->
    secondMap.findAll.each { second ->
       if (first.key.equals(second.key) && (first.value.equlas(second.value))

I want to do it with gpars thread so i tried :

withPool(2) {
    runForkJoin(firstMap) { task ->
      task.each {
         secondMap.each {

I kind of new with this and i really don't know how to make it work. I will appreciate any help. Thanks, Or.

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A better way to do your first bit of code is firstMap.findResult { fk, fv -> secondMap.findResult { sk, sv -> fk == sk && fv == sv ? [(fk):fv] : null } } – tim_yates Sep 30 '12 at 17:14
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What I'd suggest is using parallel collections:

def firstMap = ["a":"A", "b":"B"]
def secondMap = ["c":"C", "a":"A"].asImmutable()
    println firstMap.findAllParallel { fk, fv -> secondMap.findResult { sk, sv -> fk == sk && fv == sv ? [(fk):fv] : null } }
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Thank you it`s working! You helped me alot! – ork Oct 2 '12 at 10:05

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