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We have developed an iPad App using Xcode 4.5 and iOS 6. The app runs like a charm when testing on an iPad 2/3 but when we changed the target iOS to allow the app to run on the first iPad the App completely messed up, even though we un check the auto layout function.

Despite this do you think we should develop with iOS 6 in mind and accept the fact that the app will not work on the iPad 1 or change the target in Xcode to 5.1.1 so that the app will run on the iPad 1 ?

This is a real headache and we think the best option would be to cut out the iPad 1 but it's disappointed.

What recommendations do other developers have for us?

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In short, if your app is not released yet, keep the iPad 1 out. Having to take care of backward compatibilty is no fun, so I'd go for the most recent OS version on first release. –  brainray Sep 30 '12 at 12:38
Thanks for the feedback. My guy feeling was in line with your reply. As the app has not yet been released we will go with iOS 6. Everything has pros and cons I guess. Thanks again. –  Zak Borg Sep 30 '12 at 14:39
If you don't take advantage of iOS 6 features, I think you should run on iPad 1s. There's typically very little work involved, other than testing, for typical applications. For games or applications that require lots of RAM or CPU/GPU, perhaps, but not for typical apps. I don't know what your problem is -- it does sound like a xib or auto-layout issue. –  EricS Sep 30 '12 at 16:21

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If you used the new auto layout feature, and to support iPad1 have to redo your nibs and/or write lots of code to make it work, IMHO you would be making a bad decision.

iPad1 has much less memory than the newer ones and a slower processor. You will likely find this a problem at some time. Also, for every point release you will need to test on a third device.

Users update to new OS version rapidly in the iOS world, and having a version 6 app out should do you well.

If your group has no ideas for new features for your app and thus lots of free time, clone your code and spin a 'lite' version for iPad1 and charge less for it and provide limited features and plan on just the one release.

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Thanks for the detailed reply, you are spot on with regards to the added code needed as we did the same thing on another app and it was a nightmare. Xcode 4.5 coupled with ios6 is making development much easier and simpler, but the further we move away from behind the scenes code and move onto model driven development it's getting less flexible. –  Zak Borg Sep 30 '12 at 14:42

I think the real question is not if you should support iPad 1 but if you should support iOS5. Although adoption rates have improved you'll find many users that have not updated their devices. Meaning that if you don't support iOS5 you'll miss out on some iPad 2 & 3 users as well.

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