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I want to access the audio from any application in Mac OS X, just like AirFoil does. But I can't understand how to do it...

AirFoil requires a restart of the application. This might be a clue to how it does it... What is it that require the app to restart? Is it to hijick it, or to gain rights in some way to communicate with the app? I'm not that familiar with audio-programming technologies, so I really need help on what technology/api:s to use!

I have read another question (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/965045/osx-audio-hijack-style-audio-recording-from-other-applications-cocoa) but it was not helpful :(

Please, if there is anyone with a solution - tell me :-D

Another thought I have is to use the default output audio unit in the system, and just take all audio from it to my app. That way I get all audio, not just a specific app, but it might work as a temporary solution - if it works - what do you think? Is it a good idea?

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This post has an interesting discussion on this subject.

Also, have you looked at the JackOSX source code as suggested before?

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