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background image of type PNG is not transparent in ie6

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This isn't a question.. –  meandmycode Aug 12 '09 at 13:29
You're right... –  Rodrigo Mar 31 '10 at 15:13

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This is a known issue in IE6: Transparent PNGs are only supported with some hacks.

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This is a well-know bug. There are several workarounds, e.g. you can try using Google's ie7-js library.

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I think you should definitely check the JQuery plugin called Supersleight, created by the guys on All In The Head & 24 Ways. They fixed some problems that comes with using AlphaImageLoader on IE6. From the 24 Ways page:

  • Works with both inline and background images, replacing the need for both sleight and bgsleight
  • Will automatically apply position: relative to links and form fields if they don’t already have position set. (Can be disabled.)
  • Can be run on the entire document, or just a selected part where you know the PNGs are. This is better for performance.
  • Detects background images set to no-repeat and sets the scaleMode to crop rather than scale.

The last one is the most important! Here are the links:

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I had an issue once about png transparency in ie6 and what saved me was this:


hope it help.

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