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Recently we developed a MAC installer(.dmg). This is developed in c++ and QT. We had a hard requirement to show overlay icons on the files in the finder like how CVS/Dropbox shows sync status on files.

My question is exactly similar to below post. I understand that, if we try to show overlay icons in finder, MAC app store doesn't allow my app to be there. I am fine with this, my users will download the app from the website.

How can i add icon overlay in finder?

Am pretty much new to MAC and c++ also, Can you please provide me suggestion or solution in c++ in detailed.

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I know this answer is somewhat late, but better than no answer, isn't it?!

Dropbox uses an open source framework called mach_inject. Originally developed by Jonathan Rentzsch, and known as Mach_Star, it allows code injection into applications.

Dropbox use this to inject into the OSX Finder application. If you Google for "Dropbox mach_inject" you'll find various references to this. Although it's not exactly what you want, there's also a project here which also injects into Finder, but to add menu items. You should be able to use that as reference.

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